Sunday, May 15, 2005


We are going to be watching the new Star Wars Episode III!!! To guarantee that we can get tickets in the opening weekend we've decided to rent out the theatre, this way we'll be assured tickets and they'll be cheaper than normal (usual price is 7.50 euro's, we're getting it for 5). Everyone is invited but there's only 50 seats available, first come first serve! In order to reserve your ticket you need to send me an e-mail or see me in person, first 50 people guaranteeing their 5 bucks are in.

Who: Everyone's invited, first 50 people.

Where: Corso Kino, Hauptstrasse 6, 70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen (not Vaihingen-Enz!).

When: Movie start Saturday May 21st, 1pm. Everyone who needs a drive or is driving others needs to meet at the FH parking lot at 11:45am, leaving for Vaihingen at 12 sharp! (late comers will be left behind sans-refund!), or you can meet us directly at the theatre at 12:45pm.

Cost: 5 euros, people with a car that drive at least 4 other people will get in for free, if you have extra spaces in your car please let me know, I will fill up the cars on a first come, first serve basis so there is no guarantee if you offer to drive that I can fill up your car for a free ticket. Similarly if you need a ride also let me know and I will put you in one of the cars.

What else: We will be watching episode I and II on Friday night, free for everyone.

What else 2: The movie is 2.5 hours long (including the previews) and a bunch of us will be going out downtown Stuttgart for the evening for a bit of a pub crawl, everyone welcome.

Hope to see you all out, may the force be with you! :-)


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