Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Seems like everyone's trying to fight off a cold the past couple days. Last night we decided to check out Quiz night and Kenny was pretty much telling us the same thing. The good news: I got the highest score on quiz I've ever had! Headcolds good for the IQ? :-)

Staying indoors while it rains and nursing a cold does have one advantage, lots of thesis done, lots of web stuff:

I'll definatly be checking this stuff out next year when I go to South America/Antartica! Easter Island too! More cool stuff on the island here. Maybe I'll be able to post a picture on this site, pictures of people taking pictures :-)

Morgan Spurlock (the guy from the "Supersize Me" movie) is starting a TV show where he does other social activities one month at a time. Interesting.

A great post demonstrating the value of your employees and their interaction with the customer. Man do I love Disneyworld! Placing higher value on customers and customer service is just starting to take hold in the industry, Germany has a universe of improvement in this area to explore in comparison to other countries! Of course rants like this by high profile Bloggers do not help the company image or sales.

The last line of this post says it all: "I wish I was a non-drinking, anorexic vegetarian. Life would be so much cheaper."

Daze Reader has an interesting post on the business side of the porn industry (EuroRoss will see a huge bump in hits now that I've written the word "porn" twice in this post). The best part of the article... how they keep referring to the "talent", sounds hilarious to me for some reason :-)

This is wild! An ant colonie that builds a big bug trap, click the video link to watch it in action.

It's not the idea, it's the execution!

Leadership Rules from Jack Welch (via "A Sabre Geek"):

1. Control you destiny or someone else will
2. Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be
3. Be candid with everyone
4. Don’t manage, lead
5. Change before you have to
6. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete

Some great anagrams here.

I'm so ready for a new laptop, this one is great and I love it (IBM ThinkPad) but I'm dying to try out a tablet PC and a performance boost from my current PIII configuration is long overdue. End of the summer is the timeframe, but maybe I should wait for the un-announced ThinkPad Tablet to be released before buying? Drool...

Marketing constantly gets more customizable. Of course there will always be promotion snafu's like this, and to quote the title "this IS stupid!"

I wanted to check out the "secret" tunnels underneath Paris city when I was there but the frigging thing wasn't open until May. Dang it, next time. At least I won't be trying this!

It's amazing to me that during a time of coming together in Europe, with the joining of numerous countries to the EU block, that there is an increase of this stuff in Germany. Boggles the mind.

My favorite RSS aggregator NewsGator Online is about to get better (they acquired FeedDemon), of course I still had some suggestions for them! (comments section).

A great quote from Sam Ruby via Scoble: "if you don't get your hand slapped at least twice a year, you aren't pushing the boundaries hard enough."

This post on how to minimize abandoned online shopping carts hits it on the head. As my comment on the thread states, the worst is when you have to go through 10 thousand login and other steps before they tell you how much the total price is with shipping and charges, brutal!

Note: My list of Star Wars entrants has to be in by Friday morning, e-mail NOW if you are coming to the Saturday showing!

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