Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thanks to everyone who came out today! Between the movie, my huge bucket of popcorn, stiefel time (without crappy Krombacher this time!), Irish pub darts/pool and everyone together watching my VFB boys get trounced at home to the evil empire Bayern Munich (embarrassing!)... a pretty good time. On the other hand, Star Wars 3 sux. Well it doesn't suck but it didn't live up to the hype, or at least to my childhood fantasies of how good it would be.

It also sucks that I forgot my digi-cam... again! I never was much of a camera guy, but I've gotta stop forgetting it all the time!

Tomorrow is a new day, and if it's not raining [it's supposed to be according to the internet forecast, which means it probably won't ;-) ] then we're having a BBQ starting at 4 (where I can try out some simple grilling techniques). Come one, come all. BYOB, BYOGM (grilling meat).

No camera pics from today so I'll post the lean, mean grilling machine that's very similar to the 25 Bauhaus black coal bowl BBQ I bought last summer ;-)