Saturday, May 21, 2005

Why do my legs feel like they are on fire? Could it be the hours and hours of hockey we plan every day? Could it be getting lost and subsequent 4 hour walk? Could it be the ninja kick to the face of activity? Who knows, but it feels great :-)

Some Saturday morning webtoons:

My two second review of "Science, Not Art" edited by Jon Turney and written by 10 scientists from varied fields is that it's a semi-interesting look at the lives of an academic. The insights are few, the format of the book (journal entries) is obsolete in this form with the emergence of blogs and you can basically skim through the book in less than 2 hours. All in all worth taking a glance if it's lying on the coffee table in your dentist's office, but not worth the 11 bucks I paid.

The Germany Garden Show in Munich... planning since 1998?? Sounds... well I'll go check it out next weekend before I totally bash it, pre-eval = sucky sucky.

In "I can't believe they didn't think of this before" news, hot dogs and hot dog buns are now to be sold in packages with the same number, revolutionary!

Segway tours of Amsterdam, wonder if you stop by and "coffee" shops on the way ;-)

A site showing people crying while they eat... you really can find anything on the internet!

Gadling does it again, this post on getting paid $75 to be a groin kicker, sounds like a great career path for me!

Gotta get ready for Star Wars today! Yippee! :-)


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