Sunday, May 29, 2005

Well hello there, it's been a slow posting weekend and you'll soon find out why, tons of pics to get up which suits me just fine working away on the patio with the nice breeze and cold weekend capper hefe :-)

Last night we headed on up to monument hill for BBQ and beers, of course I forgot the camera but this photo's from last Sundays BBQ, looks like this might be a regular thing this summer :-)

Afterwards we headed over to Palm Beach for the game (damn you Bayern Munich!) and some more pops:

What was with the patio closing at 11pm? Apparently they don't wanna shell out the extra cash for the late night licence so they shut down the patio WAY too early for my taste, too bad cus it was awsome outside after the hot sun went down!

More on the Baden-Baden and Munich trips shortly...


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