Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Today is so awsome, sun shining bright, holidays starting tonight (this afternoon for me!) and everything seems to be going good - can you tell I haven't been able to take this smile off my face all day! :-) :-)

Here's some funnies to go along with this great day:

Can't get out to the new Star Wars movie? Well head on over to Store Wars! Of course if you wanna see some funny online vids then Marta points us to Weebl, hours of enjoyment there! (just click on "episodes") Of course my favorite is La Linea since I remember watching it just before going to bed as a kid, and by "kid" I mean "when I was 24"... and by "just before going to bed" I'm refering to "8:30pm".

Got this link and pic from Boing Boing, what happens when new expressions arise from old sayings? Well old cartoons get funnier:

Today we've got afternoon pops in the sun, diner with the Champions League final and the cap Irish all-nighter. It's good to be alive! :-)