Monday, May 30, 2005

A great long weekend started with beers at Irish on Wednesday (of course!) and then advantage grasping Baden Baden tour in the sun on Thursday. Starting off with the castle:

A little picnic lunch:

Wow, the view was exceptional, of course my cheap little digi-cam does not do it justice:

Maybe this movie does it better justice.

The entrance for what could be an afternoon of hiking in the mountains:

Halfway up the mountain there was an inground stream tap, litterally people would pull up in their cars and fill up hundreds of jugs of water to take home, the water was so pure and cold totally awsome to quench the thirst and heat of the day:

Rocking downtown for some ice cream and sightseeing:

The man-made stone river system was tres-cool:

Cooler - the "trinkhalle", change in plans :-)

The hefe masse glasses were HUGE, here compared to a typical half litre glass, but who's glass is which?

Ah klare, mystery solved ;-)

The Baden gang topping off the afternoon:

With Baden-Baden hit hardcore and diner time BBQ the day was complete, next up Friday Munich...