Sunday, June 05, 2005

It had been WAY too long since we've been to Circle Beer Place, so Saturday after class we decided we'd hit Stuttgart in style. I had been looking forward to CBP all week, of course the weathermen are retards since they predicted some raining on my parading but in the end it all worked out. It all started with one harmless beer and a 1 Euro "Muschi" pet ;-)

Timmy?? I thought you were at Rock am Park this weekend? ;-)

No joke, this guy only had half a frigging beard! This is not photoshopped!

After CBP we hiked on over to this bar on a rooftop with a beach motif. The place wasn't packed because of the cooler than normal weather which was just great since we actually got one of the lounge beds. Notice the look of extacy on Stephans face and the porno-posing by T-dot:

After beach place we went on down to Marshal Bar where the ladies picked up some fine ass. This guy was dancing all over the place shaking his booty, unfortunatly it was too dark for the vid. Love the tie guy:

Here's Jenny a little confused about her sexuality... or maybe its the other one who's confused?

Oh well, either way I wasn't going to be denied action tonight!

...and neither will T-dot. I totally set that one up, but apparently he wasn't a "husky" enough child to interest, probably didn't have enough girth either ;-p

Gang hangin':

We decided to make a quick food pitstop before continueing the night, some took a perma-stop:

Of to fussball place for some cold beers and warm converse:

Combined with the drunken blur-sight of the cameragirl this pic probably looked in focus at the time. Tequila!


The girls decided to hit the hay so we rocked downstairs of some club. Here's what it was like down in the basement (sorry but my crappy camera doesn't work well in the dark!). Finally at around 5:30 we decided it was time to pack it in (and I thought I'd be waiting for the 4am train!):

But there's always enough time to cap the night off with a ride ;-)

Best damn 2 euro 6:30 am train sandwich ever!

When you're arriving home and people are leaving to go to church you know it's been a great night. Good times.