Friday, June 10, 2005

An interesting post on the length of time love lasts for people. Apparently relationships tend to recede after either 4 or 7 years of "togetherness" depending on which school of thought you subscribe. I guess there are several keys to a successful long term relationship, trust, mutual respect, desire, and timing being some important ones that come to mind. It seems so rational at times, so why does it feel so different? Can love be one sided (ie. can you love someone who does not love you) or as a definition does it have to be bi-directional? And if it does have to be bi-directional, how do you explain the feelings of one person, seemingly in love with another who does not, or is not willing to feel the same back? Obsession perhaps? Delusional? Hmmm, I wonder if Tom is really in love or totally insane, you be the judge (just wait until the initial ad goes away). Anyways, it's nice that this article takes a yearly look at relationships, some of my friends however measure the timeline of their relationships in terms of months, weeks or even days ;-)

Of course for a precious few of us, love is eternal...

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