Saturday, June 11, 2005

Over the last decade, Dubai has grown into an increadibly interesting place to live, work and visit, including the grand hotel pictured here:

You know what else is grand, the other day on "3 Guys on the Radio" on guys talking about the hockey hall of fame inductees, I paraphrase:

Guy 1 - "Some of the possibles are... Larmer, Anderson and Hunter."
Guy 2 - "Hockey hall of fame? How did you hear about that while reading Cosmo?"


And if you're into sports, here's an amazing look back at the history of great (North American, and primarily US) sports moments. Speaking of sports, Female race car drivers are also grand.

Moving on to Soccer, Jim Rome has a great take on Dortmond building new sex huts in preparation for the flood of demand for the sex trade during the World Cup 2006:

"And clearly wooden drive-in sex huts are the best possible answer. Are these like a regular drive-thru? Can you get things other than sex acts? I mean could you also pick up a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke to go along with your drugged out, disease riddled street walker? Is that like the # 7 combo meal? Hooker, fries, Coke and a burger for $25? Can you Super Size it? Can you make substitutions and switch out the fries for onion rings?"

There's so much happening in the world, the unbelievable, the increadible, it changes every day... and that's just grand.