Monday, June 13, 2005

Innocent or Guilty?

The Micheal Jackson verdict is due out any minute. I totally don't care one way or the other (justice be served yadda yadda...) except that the cable's all wonky and CNN's the only channel that I get (half, fuzzy and with broken audio). I'm going for a walk... oh wait here's the audio:

Count 1... not guilty, count 2... not guilty, count 3... not guilty, count 4... not guilty, count 5... not guilty, count 6... not guilty, count 6... not guilty, count 7... not guilty, count 8... not guilty, count 9... not guilty, count 10... not guilty. Well there you have it, not guilty on ALL counts, now go home people ;-)

Wow it's getting hot, it's nighttime but totally t-shirt weather out, looks like this week's going to be HOT and rainy, but take a look, it gets all good just at the right time (then of course the cycle repeats next week with more rain and thunderstorms):

Ok I'm off and wouldn't ya know it now that I'm leaving and the verdict was read NOW the frigging TV comes back, just in time for me to see MJ come out of the courthouse, what a freak! Brutal, I'm going now before it gets worse!