Monday, June 20, 2005

Wrong Side of the Bed

There's nothing worse then having to get up for an 8am class... unless you:

1 - Wake up at 5:10 for no reason at all.
2 - Miss the bus and therefore hike up the mountain the school is situated on.
3 - Arrive to find that the cafeteria hasn't got it's sandwiches made yet.
4 - Stop by the library to find out you owe 16 euros (about $25) in overdue charges for books you still haven't read.
5 - Arrive in class and find out class start was moved to 8:30.
6 - Look in the mirror in the bathroom and realize its been WAY too long since you've had a haircut.

7 - Bang your elbow on a door handle (don't even ask me how I did that).
8 - Realize that you missed a coffee meet and greet yesturday (sorry ames!).
9 - Feel like shit.
10 - Well still waiting on 10, but don't worry I'm sure my hard drive will crash or something...


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