Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunburnt Saturday

Hanging out downtown at the Volleyball Tourni was awsome... except the massive sunburn I'm sporting now, ouch! During a couple of the breaks they let pre-selected players go out and play around. I didn't get there early enough to sign in for the first session so I got stuck watching a bunch of nobodies play, a bunch of nobodies that are 10X better than me at volleyball but that's of little conciliation when you really want to play ;-) Anyways I did manage to catch the second break, I was teamed with 2 other girls, so I guess it was an all chick team considering that one of the girls had humungous pipes that could make mine their bitch ;-)

We didn't really keep score (yes we did, we lost) but it was a ton of fun. I've never eaten that much sand diving for balls, but in the sun of the afternoon surrounded by great people it tasted fantastic. I think I even burnt my fingertips, it even hurts to type! Anyways here's the event today during warmup for one of the matches just before we took off:

They're also getting ready for the Tour de France that will be starting off Stage 8 from right here in Pforzheim on July 9th! Outside of Irish pub they're setting up these sponsorship painted bicycle statue's, very cool:

Finally it was time to hit the shade and cool down with an ice cream so we checked out the relatively new "beach place" across the river that opened only a couple weeks ago. The chairs are so comfortable, they rock!

What a great day, I'm glowing red like Rudolphs nose. Tomorrow looks to be just as nice outside so BBQ is gearing up for another supper Sunday!

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