Thursday, June 16, 2005

Great Balls of Fire!

Holy Cow! It's a nice cool evening so I thought for din-din that I'd fire up the old B-B-Q. Earlier today I had picked up some new lighter fluid (remember the bag "incident") cus we had run out. Our usual brand we buy is rather wimpy, a total pip-squeak in fack. I meant you could put the full litre bottle on the coals and we were still having the liquid putting out lit matches that we threw in! I guess I'm wrong, any lighter fluid that can actually extinguish open flame I guess is pretty tough! Anyways, I decided to try something new, and just to be careful I put only about a thrid of the usual amount of liquid on... BANG! I thought the whole frigging roof was going to go up in flames! I mean this stuff was like rocket fuel! The neighbours across the street on their balcony could see the flame go up and made the more than appropriate whooo. AWSOME!

Get that chicken on the grill lads, she's goinna blow!


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