Monday, July 11, 2005

Becoming A Paris-ite

Speaking of becoming more European, lately I've spent so much time in Paris that I've felt like I've been living there, making the transition from casual tourist to local incumbent. Learning where to go shopping for the best food/groceries, brushing up on my French/Quebecois and adapting to big city life is certainly fun. It's also great to stop focusing on tourist focused areas, attractions and restaurants and start building a network of places I just like to go to as a resident. Bard Bieres Brasserie is just such a place. It's absolutely rockin, great food (I highly recommend the pizza!), a selection of about a hundred beers from around the world (great selection of the hard stuff too!) and service not typically found on this side of the Atlantic. If you're in Paris and would like to get away from Paresian style cuisine, go check out the BBB, you'll thank me for it. Better yet gimme a call and I'll meet you there! ;-)

The beer wall, you can't see them all in the pic, but (pun alert) you get the picture ;-)


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