Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Week Of Remorse ;-)

After over a week since the VFB Stuttgart - KSC Karlsruhe exhibition game debacle (3-2 KSC) I'm finally ready to post some of the pics from that great game (despite the final score). It was especially gratifying to see VFB play again in Karlsruhe last Tues as the first game I had ever watched in Germany was VFB at this exact same stadium for a UEFA qualification match (the DG Stuttgart Stadium was under construction at the time). Good times. Once again the brilliant (term used very lightly) weathermen predicted rain of which none arrived. There was some rioting after the match, but what else is new for soccer in Europe ;-)

Here's a great look at the stadium just before the game was about to start:

The crowd was packed for the game, chalk full of KSC fans anticipating an on field upset:

When the goals for KSC started going in the crowd went crazy with joy (click on the photo below for a quick video):

At halftime they had a parachutist come down from the sky and land on the centre of the field, pretty cool, unfortunately the video didn't come out so great:

Well it was a great game (especially for only 5 bucs and a free subway ride from Pforzheim to the game!) and at least it wasn't regular season! Here's looking forward to Aug 6th Bundesliga!

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