Monday, September 19, 2005

You Asked For It

Against my better judgement I'm going to post the pics from this weekend :-) To everyone who e-mailed wanting the photos, buyer beware :-)

After Greg and Dan came down to Ottawa to see Pearl Jam on Friday night we woke up early to drive to T-dot/waterloo for the rest of the weekend. After 6 hours we finally had arrived in Waterloo and didn't waste any time cracking the beers and enjoying the sushine:

We hit the bars (what happened to "no way we're going to McMullins??"), got down to business and finally got a hold of the new house owners extraodinaire Julie and Drew and stopped by for a visit and some late night poker:

By 4:30 am some of us were pretty tuckered out... some of us also hit it just a little too hard:

No matter that's your brothers $50,000 Maxima you just puked on, save the CK jeans!

If passing out on the hood of your car in your underwear wasn't dumb enough, try doing it near a drunk Ross! Notice the smile on Grizy's face, yep another satisfied customer ;-)

If you think that's bad, click here (you need Quicktime to view it) or the photo below for a video which boggles the mind. Yep it's official, we're idiots when we hang together! :-) Great times though!!

After a VERY long day of partying we headed to Toronto to enjoy football sunday (Bucs destroyed the Bills just for the record!). The film festival is going on in Toronto right now and there's even some filming happening downtown. I caught them in action here although I didn't see any superstars :-(

Couldn't complain about the weather, absolutely beautiful outside:

I was finally able to hook up with my brother before heading back. Good looks run in the family ;-)

Thanks to everyone I saw for another great weekend. I've got some non-internet friendly pics and video's to share that I'll get to ya when I see ya. So what's up for next weekend? ;-)

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