Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stuttgart Breakfast Club

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. What seemed like yesturday was what I was doing at this exact time last Saturday morning in Stuttgart. After a long night have beer after beer with Jenny and Tim-eh I just had to make a quick pitstop at CBP (circle beer place) before heading on to Darmstadt (yes back to Darmstadt again!). To my utter surprise CBP was not even open yet! Can't an alckie get his fix at 10:30am on a Sat morning! Things did not look good with all the tables and chairs folded up as I approached:

Long story short, met the guy who was opening the place (a very cool guy by the way) and we made a mutually acceptable deal, I help him pull down a few chairs and hook up the taps...

...and voila, free beers for the Rossman :-)

Having only an hour before the train left gave just a perfect amount of time to enjoy the brisk Fall air, conversation with a 13 year CBP vet and a cold frosty (ok two actually). That morning was great, first CBP beer of the day! Very cool!

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