Wednesday, October 19, 2005

St. Michelle

Way behind in my posts, and now that Blogger seems to be back up to speed there's just no excuse! Continueing last week's saga, after hitting St. Malo we went to check out the famous St. Michelle castle. The view on the way was great, that's the sea in the background:

The sun was so bright that this didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped, out in the middle of nowhere, the lone windmill:

The castle, surrounded by water during high tide, a mountain surrounded by plains during low tide:

Still some km's away the St. Michelle chapel stands out:

Getting closer, unfortunatly there's only one parking lot outside the castle wich you must park in to avoid being swept away with the tides when the water rises (every 6 hours here):

The narrow alley's inside the castle grounds, lined with shops, restaurants and pubs:

Of course there were still some secrluded areas around the castle ground where one could let one self drift into deep thought:

... or to pick one's royal nose ;-)

Either I've gotten fat or these are some skinny pathways!

The chapel/castle from the interior, imagine trying to storm this bad boy!

The lookout, low tide:

St. Michelle rocks but thankfully it was low-tourist season (the summer vacation period is over here in Europe) otherwise the small streets and limited parking and space would make things quite... er pissy.

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