Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hockey Pool Notes

My last Yahoo hockey pool commissioner message post:

1 - Ross is the sexyness.

2 - ...but not very articulate.

3 - rosssuckass wines that I will win when he sits in first place and picks up ovechbitch of waivers, ridiculous.

4 - Stevie J is gay.

5 - Griz is his gay lover.

6 - Adam videos it because he's too ugly to participate.

7 - Did I mention that I'm the sexyness? Oh right, I did.

8 - I'm thinking about changing the # of transactions because Adam sends me crying spam about his crappy team. Here's a hint Adam, don't draft players not playing in the league or others that own those blue retard parking space passes.

9 - European girls are easy, I'm ugly, stupid and have a small penis yet I still get laid so much I look forward to nights were I'm alone.

10 - Number 9 is totally untrue... psych!


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