Friday, October 07, 2005

TGOR Nation, the Team 1200 sports morning radio crew is best frigging radio entertainment bar none. Jungle Jim is absolutely hilarious, today's funny was lifted from him:

Two guys are sitting at the hockey game and one turns to the other and says: "It's so good you could actually make it to the game tonight, the wife let you come even though it was her birthday!"

Guy 2: "Yeah, I'm pretty lucky."

Guy 1: "Well you must have given her an extra special birthday gift eh."

Guy 2: "No I didn't get her anything."

Guy 1: "What? Why not?"

Guy 2: "Well she didn't use the gift I gave her last year so I decided not to get anything this year."

Guy 1: "What did you get her last year?"

Guy 2: "A grave plot."

Also, for all you Sens and Leaf fans out there, they've been playing this song all week in Ottawa!

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