Friday, October 14, 2005

Back to Caen

After just catching my breath in Paris we were off to the coast for an extended weekend to catch up with all the gossip ;-) Of course the 4+ hour drive was cut in half nicely with a stopover in Caen, only the third time I've been there. Usually I don't spend must time in Caen itself save a trip to the Canadian War Memorial and Museum and head for the coast to check out the bunkers and battlegrounds of D-day however this time we headed straight for the core of the city to get our hunger on. There's so much to see even right downtown:

If we had more time we would have camped out on this lawn all day (the view overlooks the downtown core):

Of course Caen experiences its share of tourists, I found this restaurant aptly names "the tourists" pretty funny, and no I did not eat there (I hit a surprisingly disappointing Italian style restaurant, not recommended):

With the sun going down we headed on to St. Malo...

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