Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ireland Here I Come!

The tidal wave of Ireland posts is about to begin and it all started with a stop at Ryanair Beauvais airport just outside Paris. Part cheese, part good omen, in the parking lot of the airport there's an Irish pub housed within a tent! Hilarious:

Despite a slight delay which I'm beginning to realize is standard procedure for RyanAir flights, we were off and running. Sorry London, I'm not stopping over there today! (you can just make out the river and Millenium Dome through the fog)

First stop: Cork. Here's the setting; last soccer/football game of the season, Cork city in second place in the standings by one point to Derry and hosting them at home for the final game. They need a win to take the season championship as a tie just won't get it done. Almost every B+B (bed and breakfast) was booked because of the HUGE game, but we managed to catch an amazing place here (pitured below) with a sweet ass pub beside it (although there are soooo many sweet baby pubs in Ireland, more on that in a later post):

Unfortunatly I don't have many pics from that night, there was just too much going on! Basically the team won 2-0, amazing game, crowd poured onto the field and partying downtown commenced. The hung hangover I sported the next morning was totally worth the bang of a first night in Ireland.

No time to rest, the next morning off to the coast followed by an evening roadie to Killkenny...

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