Thursday, November 17, 2005

Friday Fever

In Paris every Friday night they have what they call "Friday Fever" :-) No it's probably not what your dirty mind is thinking, it's when they shut down some of the roads for a whole crowd of rollerbladers to go through Paris! The course is fun (although not as easy as you'd think) and takes you through a different path each week. The whole course run takes about 2.5 hours or so although there's a 15-20 minute break in the middle (thank god cus it's at the top of a very big/long hill!).

After numerous Friday's where I just couldn't make it (I have a very busy social schedule to keep don't ya know ;-) ), I was finally able to go last Friday. The crowd was HUGE!

Et voila, on y va!

The crew, training for next summer's 24 hour "roller" in Le Mans! :-)

Don't let this pic at the break fool you, some of us were knackered by the half way point!

...but we did finally make it to the end and the workout, fun and fever was truely worth the effort. Click on the pic below for a short vid of the final corner pass, ALLLLLEEEEEESSSSSS!!


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