Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ireland Part Deux

Not even 15km outside of Cork is the famous Blarney castle, home of the Blarney stone. It all sounded very touristy to me but you know what they say, when in Rome...

It started out good, more fantastic pubs which are litterally anywhere and everywhere in Ireland. Rock on!

The path to the castle:

The castle was really cool, surprisingly interesting (I had figured it'd be more of the same, and it is although different somehow). Here's the view from the battiments:

The landscape around Blarney is amazing:


Drumroll please... of course I had to kiss the stone for good luck. I'm not sure about when that luck actually kicks in, is it right away or stored up for a rainy day? Well I did have some great beers that night so it probably works intantly ;-)

No visit to any castle is complete without a visit to the dungeons, here's looking to the future:


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