Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Killkenny Without The 'H'

Having loved Cork/Blarney and the surounding so much we arrived in Killkenny a little later than expected. Combine that with the absurd darkness starting at like 4pm and you at least get cool church pics from the city:

The next day (no comments on the night before!) we hit the castle which is located right downtown. At first I wasn't so impressed, it's neither big, exotic etc. etc.:

...until you walk through the gates and see the other side! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was like walking through the mirror into Narnia or something! On one side you've got the center of the city and some rather inconspicuous looking castle wall... and on the other a forest oasis! I had to go in and out to check out how the grounds could possibly extend the way they do from where it's located! Wow, a shocker! (and extremely cool place for some spassieren!)

Of course the brewery is a must ;-)

It was starting to get dark and therefor time to rock up to Dublin for the final leg of the journey...

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