Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Winding Down

Alot's been going on lately that I have been reluctant to write about for fear of jinxing the outcome. Well soon everything is going to be finalized so I've been pondering about the past 2 years, the people and friends I've met, the things I've learned (both academically and otherwise) and all that jazz.

On the subject, I've been wondering what is the value of an MBA anyways? The Slacker Manager looks at the value on a non-Ivey school MBA. I'd have to agree, the value of a MBA depends on the individual and their goals. Inevitably you only get out what you put in! Hopefully I've put my 2 years to good use ;-)

However it's everything that's changed over these years that are the most impressive, or scary even, how much has happened. The memories are great. Even just going through some of the old EuroRoss archives when I redid the site last week makes me remember how amazing the last 2 years have really been.

So much has happened with me and you, my friends.

What's the future of EuroRoss? Well for the site I'm not sure, perhaps it'll keep going in some form or the other, perhaps not. As for EuroRoss the person, well details to follow but PHD studies, finishing this book (and starting #2), consulting around the globe and continuing the torrid pace of fun and experiences are all definitely on tap!! :-)

As for you, well if you're reading this then hopefully we are still in contact as much as a gorup of international MBA's, international friends, and etc. can be with alot of you taking positions in cities all across the four corners of the globe, marriages (congrats to the recent engagement of Domi/Matt, Jules/schieders guy, Mikey/?, Karlsruhe/Hefe, Kenny/blondy, Lars/Henna), children, yadda yadda. If you ARE reading this then shoot me an e-mail, comment, call whatever! I'm all around these days and we should definately stay close.

Ok I'm going to wrap this up as it's already way too mushy ;-) I leave you with two early EuroRoss pics of the first MBA hockey night back inearly 2004 and my first Waterloo homecoming weekender after leaving for my Germany MBA. What an ugly lot we are! :-) :-)

I miss you all!

Safe travels everyone...

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