Friday, December 23, 2005

Home Canada Home!


After all that traveling, work, snow storms, gehtto living (more on that to come), etc etc I'm finally getting around to posting the pics (and movies!) of last weekend's reunion in Toronto Canada! What an amazing weekend and it all started with a pick me up in Hamilton for a quick hop on the Q-E to get our butts to T-dot. Look at those rock-star shades! Stylin'!

It didn't take Stevie or I long to "get into the grove", especially since we're true "winners"! When you're warming up for the par-teh ya gotta do what ya gotta do! ...and Stevie did just that ;-)
(click pic below for a quick movie, Apple Quicktime required)

Ahhh, winners for sure... ;-) :-)

We then hit the bar in style. Mix platter + Darts + Pool + Canadian Draft + Drunken Freinds = One hell of a good time!

But once again, Stevie stole the show, rather his HUGE tummy did:
(click pic below for a small video, Quicktime required)

That beer at the beginning of the vid is actually snug right on top of Stevie's belly! Good job buddy, you're belly's almost ready for the Olympics in Turin ;-)

Lots more pics (and videos which I'm going to have hosting for soon) from later that night at the Pizza Pizza where Stevie shows us his belly "workout" and also more from the Saturday night bash in Waterloo with all the MIA's from Friday coming later tonight... stay tuned to EuroRoss :-)

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