Sunday, December 11, 2005

Home Sweet Home (again)

Well the secret's out, I'm home! After a crazy couple months travelling and working all over the place I'm finally back home for the holidays (and to get ready for another contract here). It's retarded but while waiting for my connecting flight to Ottawa, enjoying a custom pickle-filled Harvey's hot dog and a Tim Hortons sugar twist donut I just had to take this pic for the site:

Home! Anyways the flight to Toronto wasn't all that bad at all, especially with my new talkative Mexican friend that helped pass the time with her digital camera pics. She had some great nostalgia to share since she was just finishing a full year of travel which took her all over the place; Britain, Spain, France, Taiwan, you name it! She's also the lucky winner of a 20 euro cent piece :-)

Sometimes having only a short period of time with someone makes it very special and cool, have fun back home in Mexico babe!

Can't wait to hook up with all you retards in Toronto/Waterloo/Ottawa! Just gotta hit some meetings in Hamilton over the next 2 weeks and it'll all be good.

Happy holidays everyone! :-) :-)

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