Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Germany-France Friendly Matchup

With the upcoming grouping announcement for the world cup 2006 I'd just like to get in some pics from the Germany-France "friendly" that I went to a couple weeks ago in Paris. The atmosphere was electric, as if France themselves were going to host the tournament! I guess they are cur-a-zee about their soccer!

Here's the big soccer stadium in Paris called... wait for it... stadium of Paris:

As the players practiced on the pitch the fans were already starting to cheer:

I sat in the German fan section (of course) and the fans were going nuts chanting and having a gay old time:

The players coming onto the pitch:

Very cool, I love when they've got huge flags etc. and move them over the crowd, in this case a France jersey:

The game was interesting, unfortunatly like a lot of soccer games it ended 0-0. The good news was that Germany played well defensively, haven't seen much of that lately, here's hoping they can get it together for next years world cup.

Oh yeah, I got an e-mail 2 days ago: I NOW HAVE TICKETS TO WORLD CUP 2006!!!

I rock and you suck. :-) :-)

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