Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy Bee

Buzzing around the net this week I picked up a few drops of honey:

This Flickr photo set has a bunch of old German beer coasters.

Best outdoor/hiking/extreme sport store ever: Mountain Equipment Co-op.

The Edge gives a yearly question to some very smart cookies to see what their responces are. There's a ton of them there but wading through them will really get your mind cranking.

French youth have a "secret" language where they reverse the sylables of each word so their parents can't understand what they're saying. They think it's cool... it's not. What is cool is this pic from some ancient times in France:

Does anyone use

What this guy learned at MIT (outside academics).

Toys that I, as a "mature" adult still want: Battle tanks and Sumo suits (but not those ones, I want the real spongy ones that you can actually fight with!).

Some vids from CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Bzzzzz.... I'm out.

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