Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Net Parooooosings

Blogging these holidays has been light. I have however gotten online for some parooosings:

I love Germany, but sometimes it's fucked up. I moaned when I read that article, one more and I'm out!

This is what my undergrad math exams used to look like:

Next year's Bundesliga rights have been sold. No Bundes for you Premiere! Some of you will care, some of you won't. I just hope there's movement in online games, and don't hit me with $10+ euros/dollars per game crap, $1.99 per. iTunes it damit.

Going to Europe sometime soon? I am. Air France it if you can get in on the deals, I got my tix yesturday.

I got back in Canada just in time to vote in January's election's. Alas there's no point, they're all predicting another Liberal minority gov.

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