Friday, December 23, 2005

Waterloo, We Love U2

The only thing that cures a heavy hangover from Friday night/sat morning partying is to set yourself up with some premium suds, greasy fries compliments of Sonny's, a couple sandwhichs from Vinchenzo's and football all afternoon on TV. Boo-yeah! Come to think of it, after hottub, sauna and the required "beach watching", I got to bed at almost 5am in the morning Friday! That preceeds a 8am wake-up to finish thesis reviews (Stuttgart K you SO owe me one! :-) so that it wouldn't interfere with our drinking schedule ;-)

Damn I wish I had finished that earlier in the week! Grumpy morning Ross ready to get back into the groove:

Chris "Dutchman" knew I was hitting town like a tornato sometime this weekend so he was expecting me to show up at some point with a surprise, I doubt he expected us at that exact moment however. And for all you poolies out there, yep he was fast asleep as usual when we arrived, sleeping and smokin' a cig on the can! :-)

After an afternoon of watching my Bucs get mopped all over the field it was time to head out, first stop East Sides for some more grub, beers and football. Some of my friends (Dave) has seemed to get a little soft in my abscence, notice the beer/ginger ale/straw and wine glass drinky he's got... hmm I didn't even know they MADE that type of drink! (wait till you see the videos from that night, which will {hopefully} be posted by the end of the weekend, priceless!)

After East sides it was time for "South Sides" at Julie and Drew's, congrats guys on your upcoming nuptuals! (PS> Steve, Dave and I don't need a hotel room that night, we'll just crash on your comfy couches... just joking... well not really ;-)

Poker anyone? Why do you even bother when you know the outcome from the beginning. Ross rakes it in! :-) I think buying Mel's the next morning was the best use for the proceeds ;-)

As the hockey games wore on, the poker games finished up (along with the rest of the beer), some of us started to pack it in. Big mistake. That just got the creative juices of those left awake more amo.

You can see the prograssion of the game from first strong "X in corner" oppening, to the opposite site "trap" move, to the hook, and finally the winning "X"... BAM! Al you had no chance (wait till the video's Dave, she started it, really!)

Throw me a frickin' bone here! - Dr. Evil, Austin Powers I

Um Al, is that the new style in Oz?

I wanted to get in on some of that action myself, notice the duo-strand technique. Strong.

Alas all good things must come to an end, farewell once again Waterloo, see you soon I'm sure :-) :-)

Full collection of weekend video's later this weekend... once I get them hosted that is!

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