Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where On The Web?

Do you know, where you're going to?

An amazing site with blog and video documentation of a climb up Everest.

Drug and illegal immegrant smuggling tunnels from Mexico to the US. Amazing what you can accomplish, now if only they could use that power for good and not evil!

What's it like to work at Google? Or just use Google to find out what happened video game endings. Finally after all these years and multiple hundreds of quarters spent in my youth to no avail, I finally get to see the Golden Axe ending... wow, that was so not worth it. :-)

The Britsh version of the Office is so much better than the American knockoff, although it's been getting better.

Webcams from around the world.

Get through those annoying automated messages on customer support/1-800 lines.

Stewie's got a web radio show, cool!

The only thing funnier than this film is knowing that I owned a copy of that game. Most brutal game ever!

Cool tricks to learn.

What Canadians are known for.

For all my friends that have somehow gotten hooked on online dating, now you can "pod-date" ;-)

A site and book about... about... about... peeing. Peeing all over the place. Ok this post is officially done.

Sidenote: at least it's now free to pee in Paris ;-)

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