Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad-Bye Trappi

Well it took 3 games more than the half-way point of the Bundesliga season but the VFB Stuttgart brass finally realized what fans have known since game 5 of the season, Trapattoni was not the right man for the job.

In fact I'm a bit surprised they they were able to act this quickly. Usually the coach gets the benefit of at least one full season (just look at Sammer, the man Trap replaced). So kudos to VFB management for not mailing in the rest of this season and actually acting to try and save a EUFA cup berth. As for the replacement...

Who the hell is Armin Veh?? Taking a gander at his resume is less than an impressionate experience (thanks to German for sending this data in):

2. Bundesliga 1997/1998 SpVgg Greuther Trainer bis 14.10.97
2. Bundesliga 2000/2001 SSV Reutlingen Trainer
2. Bundesliga 2001/2002 SSV Reutlingen Trainer bis 12.12.01
Bundesliga 2001/2002 Hansa Rostock Trainer ab 03.01.02
Bundesliga 2002/2003 Hansa Rostock Trainer
Bundesliga 2003/2004 Hansa Rostock Trainer bis 06.10.03
Regionalliga 2003/2004 FC Augsburg Trainer ab 13.10.03
Regionalliga 2004/2005 FC Augsburg Trainer bis 27.09.04

We'll see how it all shapes up, at least they're accepting the fact that it didn't work out and are moving quickly (relatively) to try and improve this season. Bye bye Trap, it's been a painful 8 monhts...

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