Friday, February 10, 2006

Northern Voice 2006

On route to Northern Voice 2006, actually I'm already here ;-) Last night was a bit of a blur, first impressions are that West Jet rocks. Having a 7+ hour trip to Vancouver (5 in air plus transfer) I loaded up my laptop with legal *cough* TV and movies for the trip. No needo! Westjet has digital satelite TV (movies are $5 extra), and let me tell ya, watching the Red Wings vs. Predators on TSN (hockey) really helps the flight time "fly" by. Oh yeah, the service was great, although the $5 sandwhich was a bit of a bummer.

My quick stopover in Edmonton wasn't too shabby either, gotta love an airport with its own Montana's! I guess chatting it up with two semi-loaded chicks at the bar returning home from their Asia trip wasn't too shabby either ;-) Got me excited about going, but it's still way down on the list (Australia, Iceland, South America, Russia (this time west Russia) and Safari Africa are all ahead of Asia on the list).

When I was a kid I spent a small fortune on these hockey games. Being a HUGE Oilers fan back then I would have died to have one of these branded games... who's kidding who, I'd die for one of these now! :-)

Getting excited now, the trip downtown on a tamer than normal Thursday night Vancouver city. The cabbie told be it's usually pretty low key in January (end of holidays and new years) and doesn't pick back up until mid-Feb. Don't worry, Bry and I will rock the city senseless tonight! :-)

Once again scored bigtime with the hotel, Hampton Inn. Big rooms, clean, right downtown beside BC place, FREE high speed...

...and the best part, corner room. What a great view (and admittingly terrible picture quality, sorry about that, it was 2am Ontario time and I was too lazy to jiggy with it):

Viva la Vancouver!

Conference just fired up, I'm starting in the Edu-blogging session, it's starting...

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