Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Scraps

I'm way to beat to blog, and I'm going out again in 10 anyways, so here's some she-ott from the weekend:

Dogs stylin' with ads:

Of you can style on your own with these shoes with the bike leg straps built right in.

Do you speak Francais or Quebecois?

Some pretty cool dudes ;-) There's also some funny low-key vids at It's Jerry's Time.

Ottawa's bidding for the World Junior Hockey Championships again after having been screwed the last 3 times. I'll go postal if we don't get it for the 2009 tourni!

Does language influence our perception of the world? Is there such thing as linguistic determinism?

Find your beer, liquor and other alcohol in Ontario Canada. That's right, get yo stank on!

Find out where and who designed a whole bunch of corporate logo's.

Those crazy Germnas, running an ad for "the gas of tomorrow" next to a story about Auschwitz. Not good. Of course they're also having PR problems with their new "Du Bist Deutschland" national campaign. Guess it hits just a little too close to Hitler's mantra's for their liking.

A great post with the rantings of a 50+ year old on the current generation.

We can all pee for free now in Paris :-) I want my $2.50 euros from past pees back! ;-) You'll need those free pitstops if you plan to check out all these waterfalls around Hamilton!

Does anyone use TalkDigger? Let me know how you like it.

This site rocks. I guess the world is not flat afterall :-)

Interviewing the homeless, what's your dream job?

All for now, time to go Vorgl├╝hen!! :-)

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