Sunday, February 05, 2006

NHL Coverage

Look the NHL is doing a great job responding to fans, making the product more exciting to watch and winning over our wallets after a brutal year long lockout. Having said that, regional territory blackouts have got to stop. Living in Hamilton means being chained to only leaf games on national TV, requiring Sportsnet to blackout the sens on a night when the leafs aren't even playing (meaning everyone else gets the sens, and we get crappy NBA show reruns) is absolutely BRUTAL!!

Hello Ross,

Thanks for your recent
email. Unfortunately, due to blackout restrictions set forth by
the NHL, we are only able to broadcast their games regionally this season.
In other words, since it sounds like you live in Ontario west of
Belleville, you will only be able to access our Maple Leafs games on
Sportsnet Ontario. All other team's games will be blacked out from
you. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may

Jim LaChapelle
Come on NHL, stop that shit and let us all enjoy more hockey... at the very least on nights the "mighty" Leafs aren't playing! Stewie says "Gimme my frigging hockey you bitches!"

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