Saturday, March 04, 2006

Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Gmail

I'm increasingly using my online e-mail accounts (I have 10+ e-mail accounts which for a geek is pretty low but for regular people seems... well geeky). Simultanously I find myself happy with Hotmail less and less while loving Gmail more and more.

This was not always the case, I wasn't really into the "archiving" functionality at first but now find it liberating as it allows having a near empty inbox at any given time while able to quickly (that's key, because I can search e-mail boxes from my other accounts but it's very s...l...o...w). Google also didn't have an easy to access "delete" button before which was totally annoying, but that's changed now as well.

I started using Gmail becuase it gave me 2GB of storage over the paltry 250MB for others, but now that's even a consideration for the reason I like Gmail more than all the other accounts (better spam filtering, speed, search, archiving, one stop storage, UI... the list goes on). Well done Gmail in adapting and growing into a "must-have" e-mail account for me. Shame Hotmail for going from my durable always used travel account to a growing fungus on my butt.

PS> For the lonely few who still do not have a 2GB Gmail account (isn't it public sign-up yet?), just shoot me an e-mail and I'll sent you an invite.

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