Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lame-O Kraft


Thank you for visiting our
website and for your interest in our promotions and offers. Unfortunately,
this promotion is only available in the USA and Puerto Rico. We can only ship
within the U.S., its territories and military addresses.

Please visit the promotion section of our website again soon and we
hope you'll participate in another one of our offers!

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

Well Kim, I'm betting if I check back for "another one of our offers" I'll be treated to the same "do not ship to Canada" exemption that's all too common. You ship your frigging products to Canada, heck I buy them here in Canada, why don't you run promo's that are open, not only to those living in the good old USA but also to all us saps that live in other countries you peddle your products in.

Not offering a promotion to countries you don't sell products in is understandable, not offering it to countries you have no problem shipping product to is lame.

Shame Kraft, shame.

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