Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hat's Off

Congrats to Russia. In another hockey classic Canada-Russia game, they outplayed us. Russia was definatly the better team today. Looks like my finals tickets on Sunday will not include the maple leaf :-(

The achilles heal for Russia since Tretiyak has always been week goaltending. I don't know where he found it but Nabokov played (and is playing) his ass off. Can he keep it going until the finals?

As for the Canadians, the team never gelled. I don't believe they were the best players of 2006, perhaps they were the best before the lockout, but there were some key obmissions and even more importantly some players that should not have been there. Bertuzzi hurt Canada again today with a terrible pick penalty that was totally unnecessary and dido for Nash who had no business being on the ice with the class of those players. They both probably were not the sole reason we lost, but they certainly were the killing stroke against any possible Canadian comeback.

Well there's plenty of time for analysis in the coming days, great job Russia, now go on and win that gold! :-)

As down as I am about this result I still think hitting Turin for the finals is "tres cool"... hmmm I guess I'm now hoping for a Russia-Czech final.

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