Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter Weekend Work

There's just too much going on at work, Olympic hockey, conference wrapup, catching up with old friends... posting will resume soon ;-) Some interesting links I've scrapped together:

Best (and worst) places to live in the US... if you're a man. Clearly the article is a joke since the Playboy mansion is not listed as #1 place to live. Rookies.

The only way to shut "The" Fat Man up. Give the guy that did that a raise. (Update: he's now injured, no one is happier than Hamburg fans, although both Hamburg and VFB Stuttgart lost their UEFA games last night :-(

I love this Bud Light Super Bowl XL commercial, I love after the guy grabs the beers as squeals whoo hoo!

Part of the reason I want a tablet for my next PC purchase.

Enjoy the Winterfun weekend everyone!

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