Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just Like EuroRoss?

BlogCode is a little tool that tells you a list of other blogs similar to the one you specify, so you can check out blogs with a similar focus/theme as the ones you read or your own (or the competition ;-) Here's the initial EuroRoss list... no 80% "strong" matches, I guess EuroRoss is just very... original ;-)

Update: I'm pretty sure you can check the order of when each blog was entered into the system by looking at the last number of the generated URL for that blog comparison.

ie. Scoble's blog result page is: http://www.blogcode.com/lcompare.php?r=263 ; indicating he was the 263rd blog to be entered (manually) into the system whereas the EuroRoss blog's result page URL is: http://www.blogcode.com/lcompare.php?r=456 ; indicating I was the 456th person to enter my blog. Since the comparison is only as valuable as the quantity of blogs in the database I can see now why there were no 80%+ matches for EuroRoss and why Scoble's blog somehow magically appeared on my list.

The first blog inputted? Wonkette.

I'm not sure why #'s 2-4 do not work (it kicks you to the browse blogs page with results, possibly for untitled blogs?) although randomly testing other 2 and 3 digit numbers seem to be working.

Update 2: Nope, 2-4 just arn't present, you get the same page when you type in numbers greater than the last blog number inputted (currently #470 at the time of this update post).

Update 3: The search tool is clearly crap, I just did a blog title search and a separate blog URL search for EuroRoss and recieved a "no matching blog" error message:

I wonder how long it will take them to index there own blog list, especially since there's less than 500 currently!!

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