Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Testing "Live" Search

I doubt it'll take very long for the "live" search (aka: blog search) engines to pick up and index Scoble's use of "brrreeeport", but I'm interested to see how long it takes them to notice it here on EuroRoss... my guess is at least a week, possibly a month :-)

(PS> I'm not tagging this as I want to see how long until it indexes without the aid of tags or pinging which would give live search a clear advantage over traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN)

Update: Still not indexed (although it's only been 30 mins) but I wish I could also test tagged, image and titled posts with the word brrreeeport to see the order of indexing. For extra marks do this with a number of different terms and site ranking levels to get some statistically relevant info ;-)

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