Saturday, February 11, 2006


It's good to sit down and reflect on goals and "learnings" (other than just before/during/after Jan 1 ;-) every once in a while. Today I'm reflecting on everything absorbed here at the Northern Voice conference 2006. There was lots of great sessions, of particular value to me was:
Dave Sifry - Leadership Hacks (note: his "Sifry on the Blogosphere" session with Tim Bray on Saturday was also interesting but was 50% reverb from his appearance at Les Blogs 2.0 so was of discounted value for me personally despite being well run and presented) .

Phillip Jeffrey - Discover, Create, Remember, Share: Why tagging works for me (an interesting session on a topic of growing importance and relevance for the next few years).

Kevin Marks, Robert Scoble and Will Pate - Geek Out (bloggers getting together sharing the tools that make our lives easier) defiantly the best practical knowledge session of the weekend. This is something that should be done more often, perhaps online?

Most interesting demo session: Michael Tippett - Now Public

Which sessions did you find the most valuable? Why? What's the most important idea, lesson, tip, hack or anything that you're taking away from the conference? For myself I'll need a little more reflection on these questions before being able to answer them although I'm sure there's a golden nugget in there somewhere, or perhaps not a golden nugget but a collection of gold shavings ;-)

So with my final live Northern Voice post for 2006 I urge everyone to reflect on everything they've learned and try and share it with others.

Rockin' photo by Doc Searls.

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