Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Lonely 4

1AM... fire alarm goes off... running around... waving a towel by the smoke alarm... realizing it's not my appartment but the whole building... finding a shirt and keys... announcement over the PA: "there is an emergency on the 26th floor" (we're on the 27th)... running down 27 flights of a wet painted staircase... reaching a deserted bottom... grand total number of evacuated people of a 45 storey appartment comlex: 4

Four people out of the whole building evacuated in a situation with a continuous alarm AND an annoucement declaring that it might be an actual emergency!! Let's go over that again. F-o-u-r people, out of a building housing over 2500+ people actually evacuated. Four.

My appartment alone (2 of 4 people) could carry a vote! In fact 3 additional people returning from elsewhere while we waited downstairs arrived, one didn't even want to wait for the declaration from the fire department that it was safe to return before heading ustairs back to his appartment!

Crazy crazy world.

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