Saturday, March 25, 2006

Links to the Sky

Surfing on trans-continental flights is da bomb! Thank god internet access is starting to become more common on international flights. Of course if I had known I'd have internet access I would have spent more time worrying about charging my battery beforehand :-( Anyways in the limited time left this is how I spent the last 40 minutes: exluding the 30 mins of porn of course ;-)

Funniest study ever, Frankfurt University did a study on Germans working in the SERVICE sector and found "enforced jolliness on the job is much more likely to make [Germans] fall ill". I remember trying to explain to a German friend of mine why it was important for a server in a restaurant to smile and make the customers experience a joyous one. They were perplexed and asked "but if the server is having a bed day why should she "fake" it with the customer, as a customer I'd be more offended if they faked it, it'd be like they were lying to me". Those crazy Germans...

Dare Obasanjo makes a simple and effective point on product/service name branding.

Weird Adidas sidewalk live human advertising:

This video has a great twist, it starts out with a bunch of video game losers but stick with it until the end :-)

Almost home after a quick get-away that took a bit out of me. Lots o' rest on tap for tomorrow!! :-)

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