Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wind Wackers

Tonight I'm cruising along on my bike commending myself on what a great idea it was to get out for some fresh air, man I'm flying! I feel great, I'm totally rocking the road, nothing could be better... well except maybe realizing that the wind was about 10 times more powerfull than I realized.

Seems as though that speed wasn't all EuroRoss-power ;-) When I turned around to go back I got a rude awakening. I swear the wind was so strong birds were flying backwards!! I could barely move forward on the bike, it might well have been faster to fake a flat and walk with the bike beside me!

Still don't believe me that the wind was a monster today? Well how do you explain this:

That's right, the wind tore off the metal bolted patio divider between appartments! Ripped it right off! Serious woh.

Of course the fact that I got lost on the way back didn't help the mood. When I got back into a section of the city this is the concrete maze that was presented before me:

What a wasteland!

I'll post the pretty pictures from the ride (and the weekend getaway)... soon ;-)

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