Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Office

I was never a fan of the new US version of the BBC's smash TV hit "The Office" because I was too ingrained into the original. But with the original BBC series wrapped up and nowhere to get my Office fix I've *ahem* downloaded the US Office seasons and am blissfully onboard the new bandwagon! :-)

For April Fools the US Office website has got the charaters from the show doing fake "NBC The More You Know" commercials (for my friends in Europe, these are 30 second public service commercials by the TV network for kids which speak out against drugs, violence etc and which are usually spoken by celebraties or sports stars). Quite simply these are the most hilarious commercials I've seen in a long while, go check them out!

I was so grumpy about April Fools earlier, the Office has brought that holiday back into the fold :-)

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