Saturday, May 20, 2006

White Flag

After missing 4 days straight of work I was hoping the May 24 long weekend with it's opening of Hess Village patios and beautiful weather would be the perfect solution. Remember how mysteriously when you were young you'd be sick right up until there was something you really wanted to do ;-) Well apparently it doesn't transfer to adulthood. Day 6 of my total inability to get out of bed without significant pain, dizziness and nausea combined with near continual coughing all night long (I don't want to mention the yellow and green flem, that would be gross...) has convinced me that this isn't no ordinary flu.

Consequently I'm off to the hosiptal to get tested for mono or whatever else they think it might be. Surely I will have to brave a needle or two (yes I am a total needle wuss), but I'm basically missing the biggest weekend I've been waiting for since setting down in Hamilton.

I guess there's always May 24 Hess Village 2007... :-(


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